3d InView

3D InView

To ensure correct diagnosis, treatment and good case recording, medical practitioners need detailed and invasive images or videos. Using our 3D stereoscopic high precision imaging technology combined with augmented reality glasses, doctors can now render real time 3D video in their field of vision. Any medical procedure using imaging can greatly benefit from this system. Doctors can also retrieve patient records including scans, X-rays and other relevant information that will be superimposed in the line of sight of the patient. This greatly improves the practitioner’s hand eye coordination thereby easing the procedure.

  • Accurate and real-time video in line of sight.
  • Zero latency.
  • Compliments your existing imaging technology devices.
  • Real-time video can be transmitted for expert help.
  • Remote assisted surgery is now possible.
  • With live webcasting, training becomes more engaging.
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