Study of Sand Particle Separation by Cyclone Separator

Tech27 Systems Ltd was asked to complete an investigation to find the separation efficiency of a single hydrocyclone that is inside the desander vessel that separates sand & silt from the drilling fluids, on a rig for a drilling contractor in the North Sea.

Study of Sand Particle Separation


Tech27 Systems successfully concluded that:

  • Sand particles with higher diameter are more likely to be separated from the flow, while finer particles will remain with the flow.
  • At the start (till 0.2s), there are some sand particles flowing with the overflow but the sand particles tend to move downwards as the flow develops.
  • Total pressure drop of 380 kPa happens from the inlet overflow outlet.

Project Commissioning Visualisation

Tech27 Systems Ltd was asked to complete a full project planning and commissioning visualisation for a leading environmental services company. The goal was to create a visual aid of the overall project process to provide a greater understanding for all parties from vendor to duty holder, improving project team productivity.

Project Commissioning Visualisation


Tech27 Systems Ltd successfully modelled a 3D animation detailing the complete project planning & commission stages which aided the overall productivity and process of the project by:

  • Reducing the number and types of consequences from damages, injuries and outages.
  • Improve project team productivity and resource allocation.
  • Communicate process flow efficiently and accurately.
  • Visualise construction plans prior to execution.
  • Improve team communication.
  • Roles and responsibilities allocation.
  • Accelerate logistics, lift plans and construction.
  • Greater understanding between all parties, from vendor to duty holder.

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