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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas exploration and production industry today demands a more diverse set of human and technological capabilities. This industry faces growing challenges across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. The geographic challenges facing today’s oil and gas exploration...

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Providing an affordable and quality health care has been a challenge for organisations world wide. At Tech27 we design and develop innovative devices and intelligent software...

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When it comes to mission critical applications there is no other industry more important than defence. Using our innovative surveying techniques, modelling and Virtual Reality systems for Army, Navy and Air Force...

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Building on many years experience in Laser Scanning, Tech27 Systems Ltd has become a pioneer in the process of integrating precise detailed 3D Documentation, Structural Survey Analysis of historical structures or excavation...

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We live in a world were quality, comfort and safety are the basic requirements delivered through public sector organisations. With an ever growing population and expanding urban living, infrastructures are under constant strain...

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