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Infonix – Virtual Training(VT)

Infonix-VT brings together advanced game engines and simulation technologies to deliver highly intuitive training solutions to the industry. It provides organisations the opportunity to use PCs, gaming consoles, VR headsets or any other devices to replicate real world industry scenarios and deliver highly interactive training away from standalone simulators. Its ease of use and portability makes Infonix-VT a cost effective solution for today’s training and assessment needs.

  • Immersive scenario training
  • High motivation and retention levels through applied advanced gaming techniques
  • Provides active and realistic user feedback through the games controller
  • Stimulating and educating knowledge transfer
  • Invaluable ‘lessons learned’ experiences without the costly consequences
  • Complete ‘walk through’ step-by-step procedures can easily be replicated
  • Player scoring and league tables can be used to assess retraining needs
  • Easy to use Xbox 360 and PC platform
  • Realistic real world industry based scenarios
  • Single and multi player capability
  • Easy cost effective content delivery
  • Portable for both on and offshore system based training
  • Adaptable and language independent to meet any simulation training scenario
  • Cost effective alternative to simulation training
  • User can experiment using different scenarios
  • Valuable health and safety training aid

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