Infonix – Online Learning Management System

Infonix is an integrated learning and online computer based training (CBT) assessment portal, capable of delivering high quality training material together with high definition 2D and 3D visual content. Training course content can be uploaded quickly and easily in real time by the training administrator so that courses are delivered in a timely, professional and cost effective manner to your global audience.

Infonix is an online learning system

Infonix manages users, roles, courses and multiple learning centers across the globe. This online learning system includes facilities for course registration and approval, course calendar, content and query management, learner messaging and notifications. The system also maintains the profile of each participant, with the ability to print certificates. Infonix online learning management system provides high levels of user and content security.

Online Learning System

Dynamic creation of online modules and interactive content

Allows incorporation of high definition 3D & 2D content, providing customised and controlled content to selected locations or installations. Multimedia, animations, text, PDF and images are some of the contents included in the system. There is an ability to re-use your existing learning content or quickly create dynamic new learning material. Contents are completely secured. This web based learning system is completely protected from download and misuse.

Self paced learning programme to suit individuals

A web-based training portal for all learners within the organisation. A module based access provides instructors and different managers with administrative privileges, where they can control their associated training material and conduct assessment. Infonix keeps track of the complete learning activity from identifying the course/module and online learning, including self-tests and providing certificates for courses and modules. Infonix manages learners, keeps track of their progress and performance across different training objectives. Testing measures how much the students are learning, results are immediately provided in a feedback report and certificates issued.

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