Inspectron - Inspection & Reporting Database Management System

Inspectron is a powerful risk based inspection and reporting database system. The system is built with state-of-the-art software languages and programming protocols that can be customised to suit any specific situation or format. It can also incorporate the use of handheld computers to allow paperless and instant reporting directly from the work-site through wireless technology. Inspectron is fully integrated and performs data entry through a single entry point, providing data security and accessibility through the user management. The system should be compatible for future upgrades.

Inspection Management

Real time inspection management and scheduling

Inspectron provides a centralised and integrated inspection process, that generates reports based on inspections conducted on various equipment. The system produces inspection schedules depending on the inspection frequency, rank (criticality and risk) of the equipment or work memo (request for performing inspection for particular equipments). This inspection system is able to perform and determine minimum thickness, equipment life and other technical calculations.

Multiple inspection standards

Predefined Thickness Measurement Location (TML) on isometric drawings helps to standardise inspection process and improve data integrity. Inspectron was established for conducting inspections of general equipments/piping/valves and devices with respect to certain regulatory authorities such as IBR, Factory inspectorate, ASME, API and CCOE.

Intelligent data collection and analysis

Inspection field personnel can easily access enterprise data and view history, record all work orders & generate impairment reports. Work faster and more thoroughly with time/date-stamped reports and seek any approvals for timely intervention. Color coding of reports helps to easily identify critical areas for corrective or preventive actions. In addition, email client and library management modules help to maintain all inspection related communications and periodicals.

Document Management

Integrated document management

Inspectron easily integrates with SAP, Maximo, Oracle and other enterprise software applications. Inspectron uses equipment images or drawings as the visual interface for the system. Facility to upload numerous documents pertaining to equipment and Non-Destructive Test (NDT) along with the option to categorise the documents. This inspection system can integrate documents such as Auto CAD, image files, video, Word, Excel etc.

Corrosion management

The system collects and analyses the details of corrosion monitoring and thickness measurements. Inspection managers can view compiled inspection data, identify corrosion trends through colour-coded graphical reports, and correct missing or erroneous data. This inspection system provides direct visibility into planned field activity and work progress, whilst reducing bottom-line costs by minimising unplanned shut-downs. Asset optimisation and reduction of non productive time (predictive trend analysis, preventive and corrective action reporting).

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