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Asset Management Systsem

What Is Zooomdoc

Zooomdoc is a user friendly Asset Management System used for online data mapping, storage and retrieval using images. Certificates, inspection reports, maintenance records or any form of relevant data can be stored on images and easily retrieved. The system harnesses the power of visual communication by using photographs, images, videos or CAD drawings into which data is embedded and accessed instantaneously worldwide. No more time consuming text based searches or data sorting required.

Picture Based System

Picture based online system for storing and managing data

Annotations can be made directly on images with comments. Images, documents, audio and video can be uploaded over each annotation, and be accessed any time from any location worldwide.

Panoramic walkthrough and seamless views

Panoramic images can be uploaded and seamless walkthroughs can be created. Facilitates views of neighboring panoramas and areas.

Multiple User Access

Multiple User Access and Control

Authorised personnel can create users and installations. Users assigned to specific installations where different modules/systems can be created.

World Wide Access

Access from any location worldwide

Centrally managed and remotely stored with continuous data backup.

Images, documents, audio and video can be uploaded and accessed any time from any location worldwide.

Scribble images using Sketchup tool

User can save or upload the scribbled images and can be retrieved at any time.

Sketchup Tool

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Deck Management System Deck Management System

Deck Management System

Using the latest computing and visualisation technologies Tech27 provides a user friendly asset management and visualisation tool for those responsible for the safe and efficient movement of deck based assets. With integrated access to asset data sheets and equipment manifests, Deck Management System (DMS) can help dramatically improve vessel turnaround times through the inbuilt Advanced Placement Planning Scenario (APPS) tool and instant redraw capability. Furthermore, the flexibility to instantly switch between imperial and metric unit standards helps avoid painful recalculation and potential costly time consuming errors during loading operations.

Visualisation Technologies

Asset management and visualisation tool

User friendly asset management and visualisation tool for those responsible for the safe and efficient movement of deck based assets. Colour coding for easy identification of container/asset ownership.

Advanced Placement Planning Scenario

Advanced Placement Planning Scenario (APPS) tool and instant redraw capability for placement of container equipment on deck ‘Drag and Drop’ movement and placement of assets including ‘stacking’ where permissible.

Deck Management System

Multiple User Access and Control

Authorised personnel can create users and assign access rights. Easily applied security profiles ensures correct user security permissions are applied and maintained.

Authorised personnel can specify the safe and permissible operating pressures for different area locations on the deck.

Safe and efficient handling of deck based assets

Manages the placement of container equipment on deck and instantly redraws the deck plan and calculates the load pressures.

Intelligent deck space and load optimisation system verify safe and permissible operating pressures. Calculates real time pressures based on container dimensions and load. Instant alerts when operating tolerances are compromised.

Prevents oil rig disasters by optimising load distribution.

Equipment manifests and Inventory

Integrated and instant access to asset data sheets and equipment manifests.

Built-in asset library containing standard container and shipping sizes and dimensions.

Improve vessel turn around time - Reduce

Improve vessel turnaround times through the inbuilt Advanced Placement Planning Scenario (APPS) tool and instant redraw capability. Manages container details and checks suitability for placement in specified deck area.

Optimised load distribution and prioritisation for container loading/unloading.

Advanced Placement Planning Scenario

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Centralised Data Management System Centralised Data Management System
Riser Monitoring System

iString (Intelligent Drilling Riser Management System)

iString is a centralised data management and riser monitoring system for companies involved in the running of drill pipe and riser assets. Using Tech27′s proprietary ReadMax technologies, iString can log the real time sequence data, pressure, depth and stress levels on equipment throughout its entire life cycle, improving operational efficiency and increased asset integrity whilst reducing operational costs. The iString online reporting module provides instant access to data and auditable traceability to operational personnel located remotely from the assets actual location.

High tag read range in harsh metallic and deep water environments

iString can read tag values associated with an equipment and provide excellent performance even in dense metallic and water conditions. Highly efficient even in harsh environments.


Web based easy to use system with improved asset visibility

iString is a web based riser monitoring and management application used to identify the sequence of equipment entered into the rig with respect to tag values associated with each equipments.

Riser Drilling System

Centralised automated data gathering directly from asset

Drilling riser system provides instant access to data and auditable traceability to operational personnel located remotely from the assets actual location. Asset utilisation data from different installations can be analysed for asset optimisation.

Monitors equipment throughout operational life cycle

Drilling riser system monitors the equipment details and storage information like serial number, batch number, process condition and user data and provide detailed analysis on the effects of depth, pressure and stress on asset integrity.

Proprietary ReadMax technology for real time analysis during running and retrieving operations

iString, drilling riser management system can log the real time sequence data, pressure, depth and stress levels on equipment throughout its entire life cycle, improving operational efficiency and increased asset integrity whilst reducing operational costs through informed planning.

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ReadMax ReadMax
Tracking System

ReadMax – Asset Optimisation & Tracking System

ReadMax is a complete asset tracking and optimisation system built on the latest in wireless and asset recording technologies. Our technology enables organisations to effectively track and record the movement of company or 3rd party assets globally.

Asset data is captured and recorded using easy to operate, intrinsically safe readers and transmitted to a central database. Data can be accessed securely by both asset vendor and customer making the system ideal for applications requiring regular inspection or planned maintenance operations. Due to its modular design ReadMax works equally well as a feeder system into ERP or maintenance systems including SAP and Maximo.

Web based system for asset visibility

Web based system for ease of use and improved asset visibility. ReadMax monitors assets throughout its life cycle. There is a secure collaborative accessibility for both company based and 3rd party users.

Asset Optimization
Certification Management System

Real time recording and analysis

ReadMax, asset monitoring system uses proprietary technology for real time recording and analysis of asset movement. There is a reduction in time taken to record asset information. System supports both active and passive tagging technologies. ReadMax, asset monitoring system is an intrinsically safe ATEX certified system.

Reports on asset utilisation and KPI

ReadMax is a full audit and certification management system with fully customisable reporting modules. This asset tracking and optimisation system provides manual or automatic operation and has high read/ write success rates in operational situations.

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Inspectron Inspectron

Inspectron - Inspection & Reporting Database Management System

Inspectron is a powerful risk based inspection and reporting database system. The system is built with state-of-the-art software languages and programming protocols that can be customised to suit any specific situation or format. It can also incorporate the use of handheld computers to allow paperless and instant reporting directly from the work-site through wireless technology. Inspectron is fully integrated and performs data entry through a single entry point, providing data security and accessibility through the user management. The system should be compatible for future upgrades.

Inspection Management

Real time inspection management and scheduling

Inspectron provides a centralised and integrated inspection process, that generates reports based on inspections conducted on various equipment. The system produces inspection schedules depending on the inspection frequency, rank (criticality and risk) of the equipment or work memo (request for performing inspection for particular equipments). This inspection system is able to perform and determine minimum thickness, equipment life and other technical calculations.

Multiple inspection standards

Predefined Thickness Measurement Location (TML) on isometric drawings helps to standardise inspection process and improve data integrity. Inspectron was established for conducting inspections of general equipments/piping/valves and devices with respect to certain regulatory authorities such as IBR, Factory inspectorate, ASME, API and CCOE.

Intelligent data collection and analysis

Inspection field personnel can easily access enterprise data and view history, record all work orders & generate impairment reports. Work faster and more thoroughly with time/date-stamped reports and seek any approvals for timely intervention. Color coding of reports helps to easily identify critical areas for corrective or preventive actions. In addition, email client and library management modules help to maintain all inspection related communications and periodicals.

Document Management

Integrated document management

Inspectron easily integrates with SAP, Maximo, Oracle and other enterprise software applications. Inspectron uses equipment images or drawings as the visual interface for the system. Facility to upload numerous documents pertaining to equipment and Non-Destructive Test (NDT) along with the option to categorise the documents. This inspection system can integrate documents such as Auto CAD, image files, video, Word, Excel etc.

Corrosion management

The system collects and analyses the details of corrosion monitoring and thickness measurements. Inspection managers can view compiled inspection data, identify corrosion trends through colour-coded graphical reports, and correct missing or erroneous data. This inspection system provides direct visibility into planned field activity and work progress, whilst reducing bottom-line costs by minimising unplanned shut-downs. Asset optimisation and reduction of non productive time (predictive trend analysis, preventive and corrective action reporting).

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Infonix Infonix

Infonix – Online Learning Management System

Infonix is an integrated learning and online computer based training (CBT) assessment portal, capable of delivering high quality training material together with high definition 2D and 3D visual content. Training course content can be uploaded quickly and easily in real time by the training administrator so that courses are delivered in a timely, professional and cost effective manner to your global audience.

Infonix is an online learning system

Infonix manages users, roles, courses and multiple learning centers across the globe. This online learning system includes facilities for course registration and approval, course calendar, content and query management, learner messaging and notifications. The system also maintains the profile of each participant, with the ability to print certificates. Infonix online learning management system provides high levels of user and content security.

Online Learning System

Dynamic creation of online modules and interactive content

Allows incorporation of high definition 3D & 2D content, providing customised and controlled content to selected locations or installations. Multimedia, animations, text, PDF and images are some of the contents included in the system. There is an ability to re-use your existing learning content or quickly create dynamic new learning material. Contents are completely secured. This web based learning system is completely protected from download and misuse.

Self paced learning programme to suit individuals

A web-based training portal for all learners within the organisation. A module based access provides instructors and different managers with administrative privileges, where they can control their associated training material and conduct assessment. Infonix keeps track of the complete learning activity from identifying the course/module and online learning, including self-tests and providing certificates for courses and modules. Infonix manages learners, keeps track of their progress and performance across different training objectives. Testing measures how much the students are learning, results are immediately provided in a feedback report and certificates issued.

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ReadMax HAV ReadMax HAV
Hand Arm Vibration Tracker

ReadMax-HAV - Hand Arm Vibration Tracker

ReadMax-HAV Tracker is a web based system which allows centralised access to Hand Arm Vibration exposure details and history of personnel and tools by using intelligent tags with unique ID’s. During issue and receipt, employee and tool tags are recorded using a handheld reader. This process can happen at both store points and work yards as intrinsically safe handheld readers are used. Each time a tool is used or returned logs are updated. The handheld reader is docked on a PC and the data transferred to the central database. Reports based on tool type and duration as per health and safety guidelines help track exposure, and alerts can be set at various levels limiting exposure to within permissible values or range.

Real time risk assessment while allocating tools

ReadMax-HAV is a web based risk reduction and asset optimisation system developed utilising the latest recoding technologies. Provides secure, anytime-anywhere access, alerts based on exposure action value and work planning. Analyse historic data to assess exposure of each employee over a user defined period of time. Hand arm vibration monitoring tool directly utilises the real time work environment data and links long term planning for employee safety.

Real time monitoring of HAV parameters

Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) key aim is to reduce work-related ill-health and also provide the information of Hand-Arm Vibration Programme. It observes the work processes and tool used by the personnel. It provides work constraint of each instrument. Plan for weekly tool allocation and vibration exposure and history of each employee.

Incorporate inspection and maintenance data of tools

The industry currently manually maintains the documentation required to monitor personnel and working time of instruments. Hand Arm vibration is currently tracked using the Hand Arm Vibration Exposure calculation using MS Excel. The 'ready reck-nor' gives the daily vibration exposures.

Provide real time alerts on site

Hand arm vibration monitoring equipment provides real time and on site alerts to employees who are nearing the EAV on a daily basis, the ELV on a weekly work plan basis and company defined exposure limit, which is less than the statutory limits.

Cost effective tags

A Web based system using a cost effective annual licensing model removes the need to entering into any AMC for the system. This system provides centralised access to Hand Arm Vibration exposure details of personnel, utilising employee power effectively. Uses tie wrap tags proven to work in harsh environments on all tools, irrespective of casing type. Uses ATEX certified handheld readers.

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Infonix VT Infonix VT
Game Based Training

Infonix – Virtual Training(VT)

Infonix-VT brings together advanced game engines and simulation technologies to deliver highly intuitive training solutions to the industry. It provides organisations the opportunity to use PCs, gaming consoles, VR headsets or any other devices to replicate real world industry scenarios and deliver highly interactive training away from standalone simulators. Its ease of use and portability makes Infonix-VT a cost effective solution for today’s training and assessment needs.

  • Immersive scenario training
  • High motivation and retention levels through applied advanced gaming techniques
  • Provides active and realistic user feedback through the games controller
  • Stimulating and educating knowledge transfer
  • Invaluable ‘lessons learned’ experiences without the costly consequences
  • Complete ‘walk through’ step-by-step procedures can easily be replicated
  • Player scoring and league tables can be used to assess retraining needs
  • Easy to use Xbox 360 and PC platform
  • Realistic real world industry based scenarios
  • Single and multi player capability
  • Easy cost effective content delivery
  • Portable for both on and offshore system based training
  • Adaptable and language independent to meet any simulation training scenario
  • Cost effective alternative to simulation training
  • User can experiment using different scenarios
  • Valuable health and safety training aid

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Weld IQ
Weld IQ

Weld IQ

An intelligent performance monitoring sensor called WELD IQ is a portable real time data logger capable of measuring, storing and transmitting welder performance data. It measures machine usage of welders and the data is processed by an intelligent software application called WELD IQ suite for measuring productivity.

WELD IQ suite is a web based application which evaluates the welding project’s performance in relation to project baselines, with instant comparison of planned vs actual man-hours. It helps the project management teams to plan, monitor, optimise, quality check and report all weld related information. An intelligent dashboard displays KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) using the latest in data visualisation technology.

Wrist Band
  • Welder identification using user RFID wristband and integrated reader in WELD IQ sensor.
  • Machine usage and Welder’s performance monitoring.
  • Project planning, allocation and tracking man hours and cost.
  • Audit trail of each weld and NDTs for QC/QA inspectors.
  • Derives different performance metrics.
  • Emergency alerts.
  • Reports and dashboard.
Weld Sensor
Weld IQ

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It is a known fact that people worldwide complain about the huge electricity bills they incur, often left wondering as to why it is so high and start blaming the equipment used. Finding the power consumption for each piece of electrical equipment by switching off others and observing meter movement is time consuming and may not give accurate results.

We offer a promising and innovative solution, ‘MONATA‘- A Smart Energy Management System to analyse and monitor the power consumption of each high power consuming equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at your fingertips. This real time system can be effectively used in any home or commercial building to track power consumption with low complexity. Besides actual readings, a look ahead graph and comparison graph can also be generated to give you a greater understanding of your usage, bringing the power back to you. This prevents slab overrun by forecasting your future power consumption and intelligent alerting.


Monata App
  • No more bill surprises.
  • Instant access.
  • Saves your money.
  • Easy and real time power monitoring.
  • High accuracy.
  • Intelligent usage reports.
  • Helps future planning and forecasting.
Monata Device

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3d InView Surgery

3D InView

To ensure correct diagnosis, treatment and good case recording, medical practitioners need detailed and invasive images or videos. Using our 3D stereoscopic high precision imaging technology combined with augmented reality glasses, doctors can now render real time 3D video in their field of vision. Any medical procedure using imaging can greatly benefit from this system. Doctors can also retrieve patient records including scans, X-rays and other relevant information that will be superimposed in the line of sight of the patient. This greatly improves the practitioner’s hand eye coordination thereby easing the procedure.

  • Accurate and real-time video in line of sight.
  • Zero latency.
  • Compliments your existing imaging technology devices.
  • Real-time video can be transmitted for expert help.
  • Remote assisted surgery is now possible.
  • With live webcasting, training becomes more engaging.
3D InView>

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Futura-AI Futura-AI

Futura - AI

Futura AI is an artificial intelligence platform, that gathers Big data from sensors, PLCs, existing processes and analyses to discover patterns and anomalies to deliver the following benefits:

  • Deploys process specific algorithm.
  • Identifies multiple patterns od equipment usage or work execution.
  • Analyses operations data and fixes baselines.
  • Compares multiple user operations and identifies high and low utilisation.
  • Trains users accordingly and gives them productivity look ahead targets.
  • Maximise capital asset utilization.
  • Automates creation of work orders based on anomalies.
  • Alerts future events

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