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ReadMax-HAV - Hand Arm Vibration Tracker

ReadMax-HAV Tracker is a web based system which allows centralised access to Hand Arm Vibration exposure details and history of personnel and tools by using intelligent tags with unique ID’s. During issue and receipt, employee and tool tags are recorded using a handheld reader. This process can happen at both store points and work yards as intrinsically safe handheld readers are used. Each time a tool is used or returned logs are updated. The handheld reader is docked on a PC and the data transferred to the central database. Reports based on tool type and duration as per health and safety guidelines help track exposure, and alerts can be set at various levels limiting exposure to within permissible values or range.

Real time risk assessment while allocating tools

ReadMax-HAV is a web based risk reduction and asset optimisation system developed utilising the latest recoding technologies. Provides secure, anytime-anywhere access, alerts based on exposure action value and work planning. Analyse historic data to assess exposure of each employee over a user defined period of time. Hand arm vibration monitoring tool directly utilises the real time work environment data and links long term planning for employee safety.

Real time monitoring of HAV parameters

Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) key aim is to reduce work-related ill-health and also provide the information of Hand-Arm Vibration Programme. It observes the work processes and tool used by the personnel. It provides work constraint of each instrument. Plan for weekly tool allocation and vibration exposure and history of each employee.

Incorporate inspection and maintenance data of tools

The industry currently manually maintains the documentation required to monitor personnel and working time of instruments. Hand Arm vibration is currently tracked using the Hand Arm Vibration Exposure calculation using MS Excel. The 'ready reck-nor' gives the daily vibration exposures.

Provide real time alerts on site

Hand arm vibration monitoring equipment provides real time and on site alerts to employees who are nearing the EAV on a daily basis, the ELV on a weekly work plan basis and company defined exposure limit, which is less than the statutory limits.

Cost effective tags

A Web based system using a cost effective annual licensing model removes the need to entering into any AMC for the system. This system provides centralised access to Hand Arm Vibration exposure details of personnel, utilising employee power effectively. Uses tie wrap tags proven to work in harsh environments on all tools, irrespective of casing type. Uses ATEX certified handheld readers.

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