Tracking System

ReadMax – Asset Optimisation & Tracking System

ReadMax is a complete asset tracking and optimisation system built on the latest in wireless and asset recording technologies. Our technology enables organisations to effectively track and record the movement of company or 3rd party assets globally.

Asset data is captured and recorded using easy to operate, intrinsically safe readers and transmitted to a central database. Data can be accessed securely by both asset vendor and customer making the system ideal for applications requiring regular inspection or planned maintenance operations. Due to its modular design ReadMax works equally well as a feeder system into ERP or maintenance systems including SAP and Maximo.

Web based system for asset visibility

Web based system for ease of use and improved asset visibility. ReadMax monitors assets throughout its life cycle. There is a secure collaborative accessibility for both company based and 3rd party users.

Asset Optimization
Certification Management System

Real time recording and analysis

ReadMax, asset monitoring system uses proprietary technology for real time recording and analysis of asset movement. There is a reduction in time taken to record asset information. System supports both active and passive tagging technologies. ReadMax, asset monitoring system is an intrinsically safe ATEX certified system.

Reports on asset utilisation and KPI

ReadMax is a full audit and certification management system with fully customisable reporting modules. This asset tracking and optimisation system provides manual or automatic operation and has high read/ write success rates in operational situations.

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