3D Simulation & Visualisation

Tech27 pioneered the process of combining gaming technology with engineering expertise to produce High Definition photo realistic 3D Simulation & Visualisation, without compromising on engineering validity. Our approach to modelling and simulation leverages our investment in proprietary direct image based modelling technologies, simulation software and our experienced engineering professionals. Complex scenarios can be visualised, validated and globally delivered for a fraction of the project cost, increasing project confidence, stream lining process and decreasing overall risk.

Using modern virtual reality technology, we enhance the visualisation of the results of the models and simulations, providing solutions that are:

  • Immersive 3D representations – facilitating better understanding of the operational context of our models and simulations
  • Database-Driven – responding to simulation inputs in near real-time
  • Collaborative – enabling remote users to interact while viewing the models via the Internet

We have helped several Oil & Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors and Engineering companies to decide between complex alternatives, asses and improve the effectiveness of their processes and significantly reduce risk and project costs.

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