Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

Ground Penetrating RADAR is the best technology in non-destructive investigations of the Earth, Concrete and Masonry structures. A geophysical technology that uses radio waves to detect buried objects and the internal structure of landforms. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses electromagnetic waves to map structures and objects below the ground surface. The radar waves from the antenna are reflected by interface layers inside the soil or by buried metal objects. In general Ground Penetrating Radar Survey works well in sand/gravel and dry soil conditions with low soil conductivity but cannot penetrate high conductivity materials such as clay and salt water.

The GPR technology also provides critical information on utilities, concrete, and other potential problem areas within existing structures or underground. Specifically, GPR will plot the location of subsurface obstructions directly onto the surface, giving the contractor a clear indication of where it is safe to drill, cut, or dig and where extra caution is necessary.

Key Functionalities

  • Locates metallic as well as non-metallic utilities
  • All GPR survey scans are recorded on-site and post-processed and analysed in the office before inclusion on existing digital site drawings or OS mapping
  • Rapid data acquisition and versatility
  • It’s a safe, non-destructive method for detecting hidden elements
  • GPR is superior to radiography (X-Ray the only other NDT technique capable of “seeing” through a structure) in speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
  • Avoid destroying the structure
  • Instant feedback on sub-surface structures, quick control of system setup
  • Quickly and easily view and note anomalies in three dimensions
  • Optimal combination between depth penetration and resolution
  • Quickly capture, process and visualise high density subsurface data
  • Less time in the field while collecting more data
  • Deeper depths without compromise in resolution

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