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At Tech27 we believe that business success and sustainable growth can be better achieved by engaging in social welfare activities. Our communities empower our competitiveness, and health of the community is interdependent. Furthermore, as Tech27 differentiates itself as a company of innovation, technology and change, it’s more important that we help individuals and community as a whole to develop and evolve in the right direction. Our initiatives are not influenced by financial budgets, social pressures or marketing campaigns for profit maximisation but rather to help and serve the communities where it can have maximum positive impact for present and future generations.

Tech27 Sponsors Rebecca’s Rainbow Heart Ebstein’s Anomaly Trust

Tech27 will be supporting Rebecca’s Rainbow Heart Ebstein’s Anomaly

Rebecca’s Rainbow Heart Ebstein’s Anomaly Trust SCO41757 is the first and only Registered Charity in the UK dedicated to Ebstein’s Anomaly.

Rebecca’s Rainbow Heart Ebstein’s Anomaly Trust was formed in 2010 and is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The charity was inspired by Rebecca, a little girl from Aberdeen, who was born with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a life threatening heart defect. In 2010, Rebecca and her family had to travel to the USA for her to undergo life saving heart surgery that is not available in the UK. The trust aims to sponsor a team of specialists from America to come to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow to carry out this life saving procedure on other children and to train the heart specialists in Scotland in the procedure. There is a Specialist from Boston arriving in April 2014 to operate on children at Yorkhill Hospital.

The Trust also aims to raise funds to provide a Specialist Pediatric Cardiac Nurse to be based at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

RRHEA also campaign for better specialist support services for all children who suffer from congenital heart conditions who live in Scotland.

Training and Education

We provide free education or scholarships to aspiring students through our energy training institute – KIER. We also partner with organisations to help identify students who need financial assistance in their education and support them with the right financial packages and career advice sessions.

Tech27 Systems Pvt ltd

Prosthetics Program

Working with the Rotary Club of Calicut, we provided prosthetic arms and legs. The recipients quickly learned to use them and realised a great deal of joy in regaining their independence.

Tech27 Systems Pvt ltd
Tech27 Systems Pvt ltd

Food Distribution

Every year the foundation provides free food at different government hospitals, orphanages and care homes. Over the last two years we have managed to provide free food for more than 30,000 people.

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