Weld IQ

Weld IQ

An intelligent performance monitoring sensor called WELD IQ is a portable real time data logger capable of measuring, storing and transmitting welder performance data. It measures machine usage of welders and the data is processed by an intelligent software application called WELD IQ suite for measuring productivity.

WELD IQ suite is a web based application which evaluates the welding project’s performance in relation to project baselines, with instant comparison of planned vs actual man-hours. It helps the project management teams to plan, monitor, optimise, quality check and report all weld related information. An intelligent dashboard displays KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) using the latest in data visualisation technology.

Wrist Band
  • Welder identification using user RFID wristband and integrated reader in WELD IQ sensor.
  • Machine usage and Welder’s performance monitoring.
  • Project planning, allocation and tracking man hours and cost.
  • Audit trail of each weld and NDTs for QC/QA inspectors.
  • Derives different performance metrics.
  • Emergency alerts.
  • Reports and dashboard.
Weld Sensor
Weld IQ

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