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Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.


Apache Corporation

Apache Corporation is a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. It is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston.


Premier Oil

Premier Oil plc is an independent UK oil company with gas and oil interests in the UK, Asia, Africa and Mexico.


Teekay Shipping Corporation

Teekay has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world's largest marine energy transportation, storage & production companies.


Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. One of the successor companies of Standard Oil, it is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries.



Transocean Ltd. is the world's 2nd largest offshore drilling contractor and is based in Vernier, Switzerland.


Diamond Offshore Drilling

Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. is an offshore drilling contractor. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States, and has major offices in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, and Norway.


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is an Indian multinational oil and gas company earlier headquartered in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.


Total S.A.

Total S.A. is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company founded in 1924 and one of the seven "Supermajor" oil companies in the world.


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The Lloyd's Register Foundation is a charity that helps to protect life and property and support education, engineering-related research and public engagement.


Larsen & Toubro

Larsen & Toubro Limited, commonly known as L&T Limited is one of the largest Indian multi-national firms and leading Indian construction company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Aster DM Healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare is privately held Indian conglomerate health care provider founded in 1987 by Azad Moopen who hails from Kerala, India.


  1. 13D Concept Modelling and Simulation of Produced Water Re-injection Unit
  2. 23D Simulation of Seabed Excavation system
  3. 33D Modelling & GPS Coordinate Simulation of Bourbon Dolphin Capsize in North Sea
  4. 43D Concept Simulation of Engineering Upgrades & Pre FEED
  5. 53D Modelling and Simulation of Cameron Deepwater BOP
  6. 63D Modelling of the HPU for a Semi Submersible
  7. 73D Concept Modelling and Simulations of Wind Turbines
  8. 83D Modelling and Particle Simulation of Drill Cuttings Cleaner
  9. 93D Modelling & Simulation of Tanker Offloading System
  10. 103D Modelling of Dewatering Unit
  11. 11Lighting and Small Power Booster Pumps
  12. 12Installation of New Booster Pumps
  13. 13Red Shutdown Panel JCP1CCRA
  14. 14TAR 2007 – UPS Batteries
  15. 15V18 Condensate By-Pass
  16. 16Installation of Temporary Generators Drawings
  17. 17K01 & K02 Destruct Phase 1
  18. 18K01 & K02 Destruct Phase 2
  19. 19Fire & Gas Audit Graphic Layout Drawings
  20. 20Fire & Gas Audit Cause & Effect Drawings
  21. 21Fire & Gas Audit Signal Flow Drawings
  22. 22Fire & Gas Audit Interconnection Drawings
  23. 23Fire & Gas Audit Instrument Loop Drawings
  24. 24Fire & Gas Audit Schematic Drawings
  25. 25Fire & Gas Audit Layout Drawings
  26. 26Fire & Gas Audit Block Drawings
  27. 27Fire & Gas Audit Termination Drawings
  28. 28Fire & Gas Audit General Arrangement Drawings
  29. 29Fire & Gas Audit Additional Drawings
  30. 30Fire & Gas Audit SIA Reworked Drawings
  31. 31MOL Destruct Phase I Instrument Loop Drawings
  32. 32MOL Destruct Phase I Electrical Drawings
  33. 33MOL Destruct Phase I P & ID Drawings
  34. 34Drilling Upgrade - Initial Investigative Work
  35. 35MOL Replacement Pumps & Tie-ins
  36. 36HVAC Package 1 Upgrade
  37. 37Fire Pump Metering Modifications
  38. 3820" Riser Valve Replacement
  39. 391-1 Tree Change
  40. 40Test Separator Feed System
  41. 41Deep Gas Lift Wellhead Slot 21 4-1
  42. 42Deoxygenation Towers
  43. 43Effluent Treatment System
  44. 44Inst Air Supply
  45. 45PWRI
  46. 46Corrosion Injection MOL Pump
  47. 47Closed Drains System V601 to V45
  48. 48Multi Phase Flow meter Installation Phase II
  49. 49Nats Aviation Equipment Upgrade
  50. 50Removal of existing MOL & Upgrade of Utilities HVAC system
  51. 51MOL Pumps & Enclosure removal
  52. 52Offshore Survey's
  53. 53Destruct of MOL Pumps
  54. 54DGL Upgrades (K58)
  55. 55Diverter Valve Upgrade - Installation of Double Block & Bleed Valves
  56. 56Removal V45 Sandwash Loop Vapour Flash Vessel
  57. 57Transfer of Diesel from NE to NW Diesel Storage Leg
  58. 58Removal of Harmonic Mitigation Equipment & Cabling
  59. 59lock Control Monitoring System
  60. 60Yellow Shutdown Pushbutton Upgrade
  61. 61V160 Replacement Instrumentation
  62. 62Fluids Slip Stream to V02C Cutover to Delta-V (Instrument Scope Only)
  63. 63Fluids Slip Stream to V02C /V160C
  64. 64Shutdown Push button Mods
  65. 65K3001 Destruct
  66. 66Installation of New NGL Bridge Crane
  67. 67Orifice Plate Sizing & Impulse Line configuration
  68. 68Scale Inhibitor Injection to Sand Wash Installation of Injection System
  69. 69Modifications to V01/V02 Separator Sequence 1 Logic
  70. 70V01/V02 Separator V/V Limit Switch Tie-ins to SCADA
  71. 71Field Intertrip Telemetry System FC
  72. 72Modification to shutdown logic DHSV's
  73. 73Well 1-5 Topside Facilities
  74. 74Air Handling Unit removal & MOL Control Room HVAC Upgrade
  75. 75DCS Upgrades
  76. 76TAR Project
  77. 77Block Control Monitoring System
  78. 78Installation of new Shale Shaker
  79. 79Condensate Pump Replacement
  80. 80Power Generation Upgrade
  81. 813D Modeling of Prop Room & Survey of Prop Room
  82. 823D Modeling & Animation for Cable Tensioner & Shear
  83. 833D Drawing of Wellhead Spider and Connector
  84. 84Inspection/Verification of Rig Piping Drawings
  85. 85Design Consultancy Services
  86. 86Inspection/Verification of Rig Air System
  87. 87Inspection of Lifeboat Davits
  88. 88Design Study of Platform Column including Motion Analysis, Finite Element Analysis & Fabrication Drawings
  89. 893D Modeling & Optimisation for Partial Process equipment & Pipework including Equipment internal Modeling and Process Simulation
  90. 903D Structural Survey of Lifeboat Platform for new lifeboat installation
  91. 913D Laser Survey & 3D Modeling of Ballast Tank
  92. 923D CAD Model for Engineering of Lifeboat Davits
  93. 933D Laser Survey of Platform Columns
  94. 94Simulation of Drill Cutting System
  95. 95Particle Simulation of TPS Unit
  96. 96Design Services for Offshore TCC Unit
  97. 97Simulation of EHP-160 MP-08 TCC Installation
  98. 98Layout Design and Consultancy for TPS Installation in Angola
  99. 99Layout Design for West Aquarius
  100. 100 Laser Scan and Equipment Layout Optimisation
  101. 101 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Mud System 1
  102. 102 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Mud System 2
  103. 103 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Helicopter Refueling System
  104. 104 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Sea Water System (Port)
  105. 105 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Sea Water System (Starboard)
  106. 106 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Cement System
  107. 107 Piping Arrangement Schematic for Foam Monitor System
  108. 108 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Bilge & Ballast System (Port)
  109. 109 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Bilge & Ballast System (Starboard)
  110. 110 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Fuel & Lube Oil Schematic
  111. 111 Survey & As-building of Mud Piping Schematic Showing Choke & Kill Manifold
  112. 112 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Proposed Drill Water/Base Oil & Brine Schematic
  113. 113 Survey & As-building of Piping Schematic for Oily Water Separator System
  114. 114 Survey & As-building of P&ID for Fuel Oil, Lube Oil & Waste System
  115. 115 Structural Study & Finite Element Analysis of ROV Moonpool
  116. 116 Laser Scan Survey of Vryhof Anchor and Bolster
  117. 117 Lifeboat Davit Structural Design, 3D Modeling & Fabrication Drawings
  118. 118 Laser Scan Survey of Hose Platforms (Port & Starboard)
  119. 119 3D Modeling & Design of Hose Platform (Port & Starboard)
  120. 120 Laser Scan Survey of Rig GA
  121. 121 3D Modeling of Rig GA
  122. 122 Laser Scan Survey of Choke & Kill Manifold
  123. 123 3D Modeling of Choke & Kill Manifold
  124. 124 Laser Scan Survey of BOP Spider
  125. 125 3D Modeling and Suitability Check of Vryhof Anchor & Bolster
  126. 126 Engineering Design Simulation and Fabrication Drawings for Access Platform SC4
  127. 127 Engineering Design Simulation and Fabrication Drawings for Access Platform PC4
  128. 128 Fabrication of Access Platforms PC4 & SC4
  129. 129 3D Modeling, Analysis & Fabrication Drawings for Sampson posts
  130. 130 3D Modeling of BOP Spider and Clash Detection
  131. 131 3D Modeling of BOP & Drill Pipe
  132. 132 2D Drafting of BOP Spider
  133. 133 Create BOP Dimensional Drawings
  134. 134 Skip Base Concept Design and Study
  135. 135 Proposal for 3D Visualisation of Murchison Field Jacket Removal & Rock Placement
  136. 136 Skip Base Detail Design and Finite Element Analysis
  137. 137 Laser Scan Survey of Wireline Sheave
  138. 138 Laser Scan Survey of Derrick & Associated Structures
  139. 139 Access Platform Fabrication
  140. 140 3D Modeling of Derrick & Associated Structures
  141. 141 Laser Scan Survey of Mud Pit Tanks & Pipework
  142. 1423D Visualisation of Wireline Sheave & Dropped Object
  143. 1433D Modeling & Visualisation of Arbroath Platform
  144. 1443D Modeling & Volume Calculation of Mud Pit Tanks
  145. 1453D Modeling of Wellhead Connector Assembly & Integrating with Existing 3D Model of BOP
  146. 1463D Modeling of Flowhead & Stop Sub
  147. 147Laser Scan Survey of Coil Tubing Lift Frame, Injector Head & Surface Test Tree
  148. 1483D Modeling of Coil Tubing Lift Frame, Injector Head & Surface Test Tree & Integration with Drill Floor Model
  149. 1493D Modelling & Visualisation of Subsea control & Monitoring Process
  150. 150Design Bridge Landing Dropped Object Protection
  151. 151Closed Drains Vessel Level Control modification
  152. 1523D Modeling & Visualisation of Solan Hookup
  153. 1533D Modeling & Visualisation of Coil Tubing Equipment Lift Plans
  154. 1543D Visualisation of Subsea Control System
  155. 1553D Modeling & Visualisation of Riser Tensioner
  156. 1563D Modelling and Visualisation of Tartan Gas System
  157. 157Offshore Laser Scanning of Mud Pump Room & Piping
  158. 158Offshore Laser Scanning of Sack Storage Area & Piping
  159. 159Offshore Laser Scanning of Storm Line Sheave & Derrick Structure
  160. 160Offshore Laser Scanning of BOP Ram Cavity
  161. 161Offshore Laser Scanning of Tension Support Ring & Moonpool Area
  162. 162Offshore Laser Scanning of V-Door Area & Related Pipework
  163. 163Offshore Laser Scanning of Shale Shakers & Troughs
  164. 164Offshore Laser Scanning of Completion Equipment
  165. 165High Quality Combined Mud Pit Images
  166. 166Completion Equipment 3D Modelling
  167. 167Completion Equipment 3D Visualisation
  168. 1683D Modelling - BOP Ram Cavity
  169. 169Drill Collar Board Design Modification
  170. 1703D Modelling - Shale Shaker & Trough
  171. 171Drill Collar Board Fabrication
  172. 172Shale Shaker - 3D Visualisation
  173. 173Mud Pump Room Piping - 3D Visualisation
  174. 174Sack Storage Area Piping - 3D Visualisation
  175. 175Shale Shaker Piping Combined - 3D Visualisation
  176. 176Drill Collar Incident Visualisation
  177. 177NGL Compressor Upgrade Visualisation
  178. 178Diverter Flow Line Pressure Analysis
  179. 179Extended Diverter Flow Pressure Analysis Report
  180. 180Design of Mud Pit Solid Reduction Frame
  181. 181As-built drawings for 48" header line of Tank farm
  182. 182Complete 3D Laser Scanning of Sagar Laxmi a Mobile Offshore Production Unit for Upgrades – 700 GB of Data Generated
  183. 183Multidisciplinary Intelligent Model and Drawing for Sagar Laxmi (MOPU)
  184. 1843D Modelling & Finite Element Analysis to Calculate the Strength of a Floating Bridge
  185. 185Intelligent Sequence Drawing of Choke & Kill Manifold
  186. 186Diverter Flow Line – Radius of Pipe Bends
  187. 187Mud Pit Sump Design & Analysis
  188. 1883rd Level Accommodation Upgrade Visualisation
  189. 1893D Modelling of Consafe Cabins for 3rd Level Accommodation
  190. 190FA Dropped Object Protection Visualisation
  191. 191Concept Design of Mud Pit Sumps
  192. 192BB Air Compressor Upgrade Visualisation
  193. 193Photographic Survey of Voyageur Spirit
  194. 194Laser Scanning of Riser Area on Voyageur Spirit
  195. 195Laser Scanning of Engine Room
  196. 196Laser Scanning of LMRP and Mud Pit Substructure
  197. 197Game Based 3D Modelling & Walkthrough of Voyageur Spirit
  198. 198Laser Scanning of FWD & AFT Lifeboats & Associated Structure
  199. 199Cost Management System
  200. 2003D Modelling of Riser Area on Voyageur Spirit

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