Running equipment monitoring & optimisation
Increase drilling operation visibility and control

Drilling Riser Management System

iString(Intelligent String) is a real time marine drilling riser management system. Using our innovative ReadMax HPHT wireless RFID tags and sensors, iString records running equipment time, arrangement and joint sequence, depth, pressure and stress level exposures throughout its operational life-cycle.

Machine Learning and Deep learning algorithms continuously learns, optimises and alerts preventing costly Non-Productive Time. Early anomaly detection on each joint reduces riser inspection and maintenance cost.

Furthermore, the iString Reporting and Analysis System (RAS) enables collaborative operational decision making by linking onshore and offshore teams to this online intelligent data. Knowledge experts can now connect from different geographic locations to the actual drilling location for increased visibility. This improves operational efficiency, maintains asset integrity and helps to reduce operating costs.

results and outcomes

Reduce the risk of failure through improved system monitoring and operation

Operation Insight

Provides all real time operational during Riser run/pull scenarios. Checks Riser running arrangement and instantly alerts when a wrong joint is run.

Reduce inspection and maintenance cost

Using this AI Riser Management system,the joints which are exposed to high fatigue and anomalies are subject to inspections as compared to the current industry practices of all joints put for periodic inspections. This is costly and time consuming.

Improved safety and traceability

iString maintains history all operational data, well name, water depth etcand also of inspections and maintenance records.This centralised data availability improves safety and traceability during drilling operations.

Monitor, analyse and control rig movement.

Integrate our excursion monitoring system for high accuracy rig positioning based on current location and environmental conditions. This will help to reduce Riser fatigue and unplanned incidents leading to costly downtime.